Georgia Tech Speech Welcome Viral Full Version [VIDEO]

Georgia Tech Speech Welcome Viral Full Version [VIDEO]

Georgia Tech Sophomore Nick Selby gave incoming freshmen 10 tips for success. This is the full version of a welcome speech with an epic ending that is going viral. This Georgia Tech Speech was given at Georgia Tech Convocation on August 18, 2013.

Georgia Tech Speech Welcome Viral Full Version [VIDEO]

Georgia Tech speech full video below

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Georgia Tech Speech partial transcript below

0:00you’re probably wondering why I gathered you together today
0:03it is my honor as a representative of the class of 2016
0:09to welcome the faculty and new students and parents at the Georgia Institute of
0:15congratulations you are all officially
0:18Yellow Jackets
0:29when I reflect back on the many things I have learned during my first year here
0:33at SAC
0:3410 in particular stand out in my mind as
0:37most important one call your mother
0:41Shiori about you every day for a while automaker happy if you caller
0:53just make sure there aren’t a bunch of screaming girls loud music are some guy
0:56yelling obscenities in the background call
0:58to unless the professor is truly awful
1:04try to take classes from the more difficult for passes for your major
1:08they tend to make you work the hardest Sanyo end up knowing the material better
1:123 do laundry
1:16of and I know this sounds obvious but when you find yourself without me clean
1:23undies you will think
1:24this advice insane man neck was rights
1:28I that he has on clean undies right now
1:36make sure you get out and see new places
1:40be it through weekend trips with friends along the east coast
1:44or studying abroad now is the best time in our lives to get out and see the
1:505 join a club team or extracurricular activity

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