12GB PlayStation 3 Now Available in US and Canada for $199.99

Currently, the hot topic that everyone’s been discussing about are the new gaming consoles offered by Sony and Microsoft – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But that doesn’t mean that Sony is in any mood to leave out the competition on current-generation gaming console. The PlayStation 4 might prove to be a popular gaming console in the future but right now the Japanese giant is giving budget conscious customers more choice by offering a new flash based 12GB PlayStation 3.

This model was initially only available to Hong Kong and European markets but now the company has took a u-turn on their decision and has now launched the same hardware into the U.S. and Canadian markets. Well, for sure it’s a gamers delight, especially for those who’re thinking to buy something more affordable that the current offerings.


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While this deal might sound amazing at first, this console is not for those who would like to load up various content on their console. But with the USB ports, one can always increase their PlayStation’s capacity by plugging in a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

PlayStation options

PlayStation 3 still cannot be considered as outdated in any sense, and some top titles like GTA5, Assassin’s Creed and FIFA 14 are available for this platform. If you cannot make up your mind and need to do some gaming until the PS4 or Xbox One is available, then this PS3 with 12GB flash storage can be considered a good choice.

FutureShop, a Canadian store has the same product in stock and is available for $199.99. It is also available at Best Buy for the same price. However, if you can spend a couple of bucks more, then you can get the new 500GB PS3 with Grand Theft Auto V for a price of $270 (only $70 more compared to the 12GB version). Of course, in the end, choice is yours. What do you think about Sony’s new offering? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.