Venture Capital Deals See 14 Percent Increase In Q2

Venture Capital Deals See 14 Percent Increase In Q2

Preqin’s venture capital deal flow highlights number of deals struck during Q2 2013 remains the same, while the deal value grew by 14 percent over Q1 2013.

The leading information provider for the alternative assets industry, Preqin in its today’s report notes North America continues its dominance in the venture capital deal flow, accounting for 61 percent in terms of number of deals and 74 percent in terms of deal value.

North America raised 806 financings aggregating $7.7 billion, showing 21 percent increase over the first quarter of 2013, in terms of value.

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1,315 Venture Capital Deals In Q2 2013

Preqin’s data analysis reveals there were 1,315 venture capital financings announcements made globally during the second quarter of 2013, catapulting the total deal value at $10.4 billion, up from $9.1 billion raised during the first quarter of the year.

This is evidenced from the following graph:

Venture Capital

Regional Differences

Preqin observes significant regional differences with regard to the venture capital activity across the globe.

Despite economic uncertainty clouding Europe, the region’s aggregate value of venture capital deals appreciated by over a quarter in terms of value as compared to the first quarter. In terms of number of deals, Europe witnessed a 5 percent increase in venture capital deals.

India displayed strong appetite for venture capital deal activity. The aggregate value of deals in the region increased by 5 percent during the second quarter over the first quarter.

Interestingly, China saw a considerable drop in the number of deals as the quarterly deal fell by 46 percent, while the aggregate deal value has fallen by 59 percent when compared to the first quarter of 2013.

The following graph highlights disparate growth in various regions:

Venture Capital Regional Share

Share Of Software Shrinks

Venture financing for software and related companies shows an increase in the second quarter of 2013. During the second quarter, the number of venture capital deals in the software and related sector touched its highest in the period 2008 to present.

However, the share of software and related companies dropped from 21 percent in the first quarter of 2013 to 15 percent of aggregate value in the second quarter.

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