Toddler Buys Sports Car On Ebay Using Father’s Smartphone

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Sorella Stoute, a 14 month old toddler, bought a car on eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) from her father’s Smartphone. The parents came to know of the heroic act after the child’s father got an email that congratulated him on his purchase of a 1962 Austin-Healey and asked to make payment.

Toddler Buys Sports Car On Ebay Using Father's Smartphone

“I actually thought it was a phishing email — one of those where people try to steal your information, that kind of thing,” said her father, Paul Stoute of Portland, Ore. “I actually looked it up on eBay just to make sure it was legit and sure enough the little one must’ve bought a car.”

Little Sorella who cannot even pronounce car locked a bid for Austin Healey accidentally. Her father Paul Stoute said that at first he was shocked and got in touch with the seller in order to discuss a way to get out of the problem. He thought of communicating the second highest bidder to enquire if he could purchase the car.

Other similar incidents on eBay

Parents worldwide posted stories of their kids with ABC news who accidentally made similar purchases.

Demetrius Johnson of Short Pump, VA said that his son bought a Ford Ranger from eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) while he left his laptop. His son saw the buy tab was blinking, and he clicked it. Thereafter a salesmans of used cars from Florida contacted Johnson. Johnson narrated the whole incident to him, and the salesman burst out into laughter.

In another such incident, Alessandro Bonetti, 8, of Jersey City, N.J purchased over 30 items from his mom’s Amazon account in which he ordered one tent and three basketball nets. Stefania Guglielmetti Bonetti, Alessandro’s mother said that they were panicked, and later opted to keep just three items. The rest of the items ordered by his son were cancelled.

Sorella’s parents to gift the car on her 16th birthday

However, parents of 14 month old Sorella have decided to keep her first purchase and gift the car on her 16th birthday. Paul Stoute, the child’s father said that it will be a challenge to maintain this car until the girl turns 16, but he will take help from his father who has expertise in customizing cars. Stout hopes that the car will be ready by the time Sorella turns 16 years old.

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