On Android: How To Check If A Website Is Actually Down Or Up


Websites on the Internet are a tricky thing – at times they suffer from downtime (even the big ones do) and the next moment they can be up and running. Add Internet provider woes to that and you’re in a confusing situation – you might start wondering is the website actually down or is it just you? If it’s just you, then the problem can be in your Internet service provider (ISP), in your network equipment like a WiFi router, or your device.

If you’re on a desktop computer then you can use a service like “downforeveryoneorjustme” where you need to enter the URL and hit Enter. If you want to check about the status of Google’s services then visit Google Apps Status and for Microsoft’s services visit status.live.com.

But if you’re on an Android device then you can use IsDown, an app that quickly checks if a particular site is down or up. But that’s not all, it can also extract the URL from a tinyURL and check that link as well. The expanded URL option is very helpful if you want to check the validity of the short URL. At times you don’t know where that short URL will lead you to and that’s why this option can come in really handy.

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How to use IsDown on Android

After installing, launch the app and then type or paste the URL from your browser and tap on light blue “isDown?” button. The app will then show you the status of the site.

On Android: How To Check If A Website Is Actually Down Or Up

The app can also create your own shortened version of the URL via tinyURL. The app’s interface can be improved further, but the thing is that it just works and does exactly what it’s made for. Get it from below.

Download IsDown from Play Store