Mercedes Car Light Defect Causes Dangerous Conditions

Mercedes Car Light Defect Causes Dangerous Conditions

United States regulators opened up a probe regarding the rear lights on 218,000 Mercedes C-Class sedans. Owners of these cars have complained about rear light turn signal failures and brake light issues. The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administrative opened up a preliminary evaluation of the Mercedes-Benz luxury car models from 20o8 to 2009.


The auto maker received a total of 21 complaints before opening up the evaluation. The representative for Mercedes has yet to make a statement regarding the matter.

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Flames and Burn Marks in Mercedes Trunks

Reports included lamp connector failure. As the NHTSA reports indicate, most of these issues indicate burnt or electrical components that were melted. Some Mercedes sedan owners even complained about burn marks on the trunk of the car. One consumer even reported seeing a few small flames erupt from the rear lamp connector.

This evaluation is the first step towards determining whether a recall should be made or not.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Safety is crucial and it’s good to know that the safety regulators are ready to make the necessary evaluations. Earlier this month, Chrysler recalled over 500,000 cars over faulty micro-controllers in the head restraints, faulty electronic stability control, airbag control module, and faulty track bar fastener. The cars on the recall list include the Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger, Jeep Liberty, several Ram truck models, Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Dodge Nitro. Toyota also recalled 185,000 of their sub-compact cars globally. The vehicles on the recall list include the Yaris and Verso S.

Auto makers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to product safety. Auto recalls are designated to keep dangerous cars off the road but they can present a negative look on the company. Mercedes must work in conjunction with the U.S. safety regulators to ensure that the issues are addressed and a necessary recall will take place if that’s the next step.



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