iPhone Connected Electric Scooter Unveiled By Terra Motors

iPhone Connected Electric Scooter Unveiled By Terra Motors
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Terra Motors has launched an electric scooter named A4000i with an iPhone Dock. The new electric scooter can be connected with the rider’s iPhone and vital information like power consumption, hours of battery left, average speed and mileage along with navigation information can be gathered.

iPhone Connected Electric Scooter Unveiled By Terra Motors

Terra targeting Asian geographies

According to Terra, a Tokyo startup, this is the first ever bike with such specifications and will be manufactured in a factory in December. Terra is pitching on Asian geographies through A4000i where the population heavily uses scooters due to high fuel costs and pollution in the cosmopolitans, as well as metropolitans.

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According to Terra, the scooter will be significant in Japan to cut on expenses where the price of gasoline is approximately $5.40 per gallon compared to electricity, which costs around 12 cents per kWh. Terra is looking forward to selling 2,000 units of the A4000i. The A4000i will have a price tag of $4,500 which is more expensive than an average price of a two-wheeler in India. However, Terra holds that durability and quality of the scooter will be differential factors. Apart from the expensive one there will also be a lower price model of the scooter, but the timing is not known yet.

“What people in the middle class in emerging nations want to buy is motorbikes and smartphones,” Toru Tokushige, president and founder of Terra Motors, told reporters.

iPhone data can improve traffic system

Data fetched by the iPhone will also be significant in knowing the traffic patterns and allow the urban authorities to upgrade the city’s traffic system. At a time, two persons can sit on the A4000i. It can ride through rough roads and is capable to climb the inclines easily. The scooter can come in use for the commercial purpose in the South Asian countries where scooters are a vital mode of transportation.

The electric scooter from Terra has an average of 40 miles. It is fitted with a lithiumion battery and requires approximately 4.5 hours charging. After charging, the A4000i can go up to 31 miles, which according to Terra is beyond the capacity of the Chinese electric scooter.

 In recent times Smartphones, as well as electric scooters, both have surged in their popularity. An electric scooter with an iPhone dock is the recent example. Others in the electric scooter category are Smart escooter and MINI Scooter E.

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