iPhone 6: Alleged Prototype Shows Plastic Case – Nothing But A Trick

Rumors about the iPhone 6 have ranged from a low-cost version of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s flagship handset to a fancy gadget with a nearly endless list of bells and whistles. Now another site has posted some photos it says are of the low-cost iPhone, but the lack of any mention of a source may mean that the photos are nothing more but a sort of advertisement for the Android phone the site happens to sell.

iPhone 6: Alleged Prototype Shows Plastic Case - Nothing But A Trick

Also all it takes is a scroll to the bottom of the page to see what it’s really about. It would seem that the iPhone 6 or low cost iPhone “photos” are nothing but a gimmick to get clicks and links.

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The iPhone 6 As The Budget Version?

The photos were published on Techdy, and if the site was trying to collect links, it’s working. Of course it makes no mention of the iPhone 6 specifically, but it does show off a plastic case, as many have speculated that the low cost model will have a plastic case. What’s missing, however, is any sign of the candy colors most sites have generally accepted that the low-cost iPhone will actually have.

Instead we see just a white version of the iPhone with a 4-inch screen and a body that’s a lot like the original iPod.

Just Clever Advertising

When you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, the site says it made a “budget Android smartphone called the Basic Bear.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, it looks just like the iPhone 6 or low cost iPhone that the site described above. How convenient.

There’s little doubt here that the iPhone the site supposedly got its hands on is probably nothing but an iPhone 5 inside the plastic case it designed for its Basic Bear Android phone. It just goes to show how far retailers are willing to go in order to sell their products. Just slap a popular search term on the headline and throughout the article, and you’ll get millions of clicks and a ton of links.