iPhone 6 Release Date Evidence And Rumors

When will the iPhone 6 rumors end? Not until we hear something concrete about the device. The latest noise around the iPhone 6 release date is that it will be unveiled on Sep. 10 and then launched on Sept. 20. Of course this is entirely speculation, and Know Your Mobile’s Clare Hopping examines how likely it is that these dates are accurate.

iPhone 6 Release Date Evidence And Rumors

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The iPhone 5S Or The iPhone 6 Next?

One big part of the debate is whether Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will release a small incremental update called the iPhone 5S this year or whether it will skip to the iPhone 6. Hopping points to some advice provided by Ken Segall, a former Apple employee who became a consultant. He doesn’t think that naming the next model the iPhone 5S will go over well with consumers, and he’s probably right.

Apple fans want a big update last year, particularly because there wasn’t a huge update between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Offering the iPhone 5S signals that the device isn’t much of an update, so it may make more sense that it becomes the iPhone 6 this year because a major update is practically expected along with such major changes to iOS.

The iPhone 6 And The iOS Release Dates

And then there’s the timing of the iPhone 6 along with the public release of iOS. Last year’s dates point to a September release. Working on this year’s calendar, it does look like an announcement on Sept. 10 or 11, preorders on Sept. 13 and a ship date of Sept. 20. In 2011 though, the iPhone 4S and the public rollout of iOS didn’t happen until October.

Other Factors Pointing To The iPhone 6 Release Date

It should be noted though that we have other indications about when the iPhone 6, or at least the next iPhone, will be out. The iPhone 5 is on sale at very low prices, which means we should see the new one soon. A key Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) supplier is on a hiring spree right now, indicating the ramp-up of production, probably for the iPhone.

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