iPhone 6 Or iPhone 5S: The Great Debate Continues

iPhone 6 Or iPhone 5S: The Great Debate Continues
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There’s been plenty of debate about whether the iPhone 6 will be the next model or whether Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will follow tradition and release the iPhone 5S next. Of course that debate continues today, and the answer to the question depends on which site you read.

iPhone 6 Or iPhone 5S: The Great Debate Continues

Today Gotta Be Mobile’s Josh Smith thinks the iPhone 5S will be next, while Grant Brunner of Extreme Tech theorizes that the iPhone 6 will be next and that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will do away with the generational split, just as it did with the iPod Touch.

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Arguments For The iPhone 6

Let’s start with arguments for the iPhone 6. This is a case that’s been made several times recently, and Brunner’s argument isn’t much different. He believes we will see the iPhone 6 and a low cost version of the handset, just as many others have speculated. In his words, he predicts, “a boring old iPhone 6 with a nice bump in specs” and “a cheap plastic iPhone that can be sold for little or no money on contract.”

Unlike some others though, he doesn’t think an iPhone with a larger screen is in the cards, which makes sense because Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook said recently that they didn’t want to compromise quality for screen size. He uses this argument as to why he thinks the iPhone 6 and the low cost iPhone will both have a 4-inch screen.

Arguments For The iPhone 5S

Smith believes Apple will follow tradition and release the iPhone 5S this year. He thinks the iPhone 6 will have a totally new look and completely new features and be released next year. In his view, “Leaks, analysts and logic all point to an iPhone 5S this year and a new iPhone 6 in 2014.”

He points to several leaked photos which show components that are purported to be for the iPhone 5S and which indicate a design that’s pretty close to that of the iPhone 5, although it’s not exactly the same.

Smith also believes that Apple won’t release two different handsets at the same time because he believes that the company’s “limited choice and limited release cycle helps keep customers happier longer.” He also points to Apple SVP Craig Federighi’s comment that the iOS 7 update will be similar to getting a new phone, hinting that this is why the company doesn’t need a huge update this year.

Why Do Apple Fans Crave The iPhone 6?

Of course Smith is certainly right that the reason there’s so much hype around the iPhone 6 is because fans are craving a major update—something that doesn’t look exactly like the iPhone 5. He thinks that the iPhone 6 will indeed be quite different but that it won’t be out until next year.

So what does Apple really have planned? We won’t know until all of the company’s ducks are in a row.

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