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Import Google Reader Data To Digg Reader

As we all know, Google Reader has officially retired, but many of us are surely going to miss it. You still have until July 15 to export your content via Google Takeout. If you still have not exported your data then now is the right time to do so or else you’ll not be able to import the same data to any other alternative reader.

How to Import from Google Reader to Digg Reader

Once you export the data, you can import it to Digg Reader. Fortunately, the process of doing this is really easy. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: You should have already exported your Google Reader data via Google Takeout. Store the ZIP archive in a safe place.

Step 2: Go to, and then under the Digg Reader section, click on the “Upload” button.


Step 3: From the next screen, click on “Upload your data” button and select your Google Reader Takeout ZIP file.


Once the import process is completed, you’ll then be able to see all your Google Reader subscriptions, completely organized into folders that you’ve created and starred items.

So, what’s your favorite news reader? Is it Feedly, Digg Reader or any other?