How To Make Your Vine Account Private

If there’s one thing that Vine was missing, it was the ability to make accounts private. Vine never allowed users to protect their videos, and it has been all public from day one.

But now with the new Vine apps for Android and iOS, we finally have the option to protect our Vine account by making it private. It seems that the folks at Vine have finally realized the importance of user privacy.

Vine Account Private Mode

To enable the Private mode for your Vine account, then the first thing that you’ll need is the latest version of Vine for Android and iPhone.

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Once you’ve updated the app, it’s time to enable this option. If you’re on iOS, then go to your Profile and tap on Settings button. If you’re on Android, then tap on three dots button from the top-right and select Settings and then go to “Your Content.”

Next, toggle “Posts are private” to ON. You’ll get a message that says “You’re about to protect your posts. Only your followers will be able to view your posts.” Tap on “Protect.”


Also from the same screen, if you’re going to post sensitive material, then toggle the “Posts are protected” to ON position.

Now that your Vine account is private, only your approved followers on Vine will be able to view your six second clips, unless you decide to share them on Facebook and Twitter.