Google To Spend $500M To Market Moto X Phone

Google To Spend $500M To Market Moto X Phone
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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is gearing up to lend its support to the Moto X, the first phone to be launched by Motorola Mobility after taken over by Google last year. The web giant will reportedly shell out up to $500 million on marketing of the phone in the United States, as well as overseas, says a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Moto X from the house of Motorola will be available on AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T), Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S), T MOBILE US INC (NYSE:TMUS), and Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ) this fall, sources told the Journal.

Google To Spend $500M To Market Moto X Phone

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 Unique features of Moto X

 Motorola with its new phone will try to enhance customer convenience and customization and has taken steps to overcome “bloatware”. Bloatware are those apps and services which are installed in the handset at the time of purchase, but are of no use. These apps are not easy to delete unless the device is rooted.

 Motorola will give an option to the customers to opt out for the colors for the skin of the devices and also engrave a name on the rear side of the phone.

 Moto X pages are now available to users through which they can access information about the product, as well as the promotional information. The official page of the MotoX reads “the first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA,” promises that the handset is “coming soon.” Apart from web, the ads were also displayed in the newspaper. The official page of the phone does not have its picture yet. There was no comment from Motorola on its new device.

 Motorola and Google expecting big from Moto X

Motorola is in stable partnership with Verizon but has not been able to sell Android Smartphones. The company can however, expect to rebound from the current position if Moto X becomes successful and align with competitors like Samsung and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) supported by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG).

Motorola is estimating that it will hire more than 2,000 new employees in order to manufacture the phone. As per the report of the ABC news, the shipping time of the phone will be shorter due to domestic production facility.

Motorola and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) have a lot of expectations from MotoX, which is being reflected in the advertising budget set by Google. The users will however, be curious to know other things about the phone and to see it before they opt for any other device.

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