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How To Customize Android’s Home Button

Android is one of the most customizable operating system out there, and unlike iOS which has many limitations, Android users can do many things even without rooting around. The physical Home button on your Android phone always takes you to the home screen, but in some cases, a long press and double tap are often configured to take you to Voice Assistant or other places. Fortunately, there’s a way to customize the Home button to your liking.

Android App Home2 Shortcut

Enter Home2 Shortcut, an application that lets you start your favorite app by double tapping the home button. The app offers many ways to customize your physical Home button. Note that this app will only work with those Android phones that come with a Home button as in Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, LG Optimus L9, and many more. It won’t work with phones that don’t have a Home button like the Nexus 4.

To start with, download and install Home2 Shortcut from the Google Play store on your Android device. Once installed, launch it.

Android Home2

You can now see how easy it is to program your Home button by following the steps. In step 1, tap on Choose Application and then choose an application that you would like to start.

In the next step, you can change the double tap interval. The app recommends to use “Normal” interval if you’re just starting for the first time, and then later on you can experiment with very short or very long interval.

Next, choose a launcher. If you have installed a third party launcher then choose it from here, or if you haven’t installed any launcher then select the default launcher.

Finally, press the Home button on your device and then you’ll be asked to select a launcher. Ensure that you’ve selected “Home2 Shortcut” and the tap on “Always.”

That’s all you need to do. Try double pressing the Home button and see if it launches your chosen application. If it launches the app then you’re good to go but if it doesn’t then check your settings again.

It can help you launch apps like camera, Twitter, Facebook, your favorite game and more with a double tap. Try it out.