How To Convert PDF To Kindle Supported MOBI eBooks Online

Amazon’s Kindle range of eBook readers have always remained a superb choice for book lovers. Amazon, apart from offering the device, also has a large choice of Kindle eBooks, magazines and newspapers which no other platform offers. The Kindle Fire device lets us do much more than reading, it lets us browse the web, enjoy YouTube, run apps, play games and do much more.

If you’ve got a Kindle device and want to convert PDF to a Kindle friendly MOBI eBook then you can use a new web app named as PDF4Kindle. Even if you don’t have a Kindle device and simply want to read a PDF which is already in your computer on your iPad or any other Android device, then PDF4Kindle can help you convert the PDF to MOBI so that you can read it in the application.

Procedure To Convert PDF To Kindle MOBI

This being a web app, you don’t need to install anything to your computer, unless you use its Chrome app. You simply need to click on either “Upload PDF file” or “Use an URL” button depending on your need. The web app claims to convert PDF to Kindle supported formats like MOBI or AZW but there’s no option to convert the file to AZW format. It can only convert the book to MOBI format.

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pfd 4 kindle

Use the “Upload” button to upload the PDF file from your computer and convert it, or use the URL option if your file is already on a publicly accessed URL. PDF4Kindle then automatically starts processing the file. It can take from mere seconds to minutes depending on the size of the file.


When the conversion process is complete, you’ll get a download link for the converted file. Click on it to download it.


Once downloaded, you can also send the file to your Kindle device using the “Send to Kindle Email address” which can be obtained from Amazon’s Your account > Manage your Kindle page.

This online tool comes in handy when you want to convert a PDF to a Kindle-supported format online – without installing anything to your computer. Give it a shot.