Vine For Android Now Available - But For Only Versions Starting 4.0

On Monday, Twitter announced that its long awaited Vine app for Android is now available to be installed from Google Play Store. However, before you get excited, you need to be running on Android 4.0 and up, with many features that are offered in the iOS app are missing.

Twitter says that the new Android version will soon have the features that are offered in the iOS app. Features such as front-facing camera support, search, hashtags, mentions and Facebook sharing are planned to arrive in coming weeks. But wait, Android users are getting one new unique feature that’s not available on iOS – zoom in on videos.

Twitter says that “this is only the beginning –– we have exciting plans for features that could exist only on Android.”

Twitter also revealed that it has now over 13 million active users on Vine, for the iOS app which was launched back in January. Vine has since then caught the eyes of many amateur and professional film makers because of its simple interface and sharing options. The Twitter team will soon improve the app by adding more features and also performance updates.

So if you’re running Android 4.0 or higher, then you can download the app from Google Play. With Vine being launched for Android platform, Twitter just opened the service for millions of Android users.