How To Automatically Set Skype’s Status To “Do Not Disturb” When Busy

Skype is a superb solution as an all-in-one communication tool via text, voice and video calls. Many users always stay logged-in to Skype when they’re working on their computers. However, since you’re online, your friends might disturb you when you are busy in some important work. But don’t worry, there’s a solution to this problem that automatically changes Skype’s status to “Do not disturb” mode.

How To Automatically Set Skype's Status To "Do Not Disturb" When Busy

Skype Status Changer

Enter Skype Status Changer, an application for Windows users that links to Skype and prevents your friends from disturbing you by changing the mode to “Do not disturb”.

Once you install the program, you simply need to select the program that you’re using from the list, let’s say Google Chrome and then click on the Save button.

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Now, as soon as you open Google Chrome browser, this program automatically sets your online status to “Do not disturb” mode. But that’s not all – this program also intelligently reverts back to online status once you close Chrome. Smart, isn’t it!

The program remembers the application once you click on the Save button and then minimizes to the system tray so that it doesn’t interfere in between.

This is especially useful if you’re doing some important work and want some peace when working. Try it out and prevent distractions on Skype from your friends and family with this program.

Download Skype Status Changer