Mohammed Morsi Faces Massive Protests as Egypt Tumbles into Turmoil

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Scores demonstrate against Mohammed Morsi at presidential palace

Mohammed Morsi Faces Massive Protests as Egypt Tumbles into Turmoil

Scores of demonstrators rallied at Gate Four of the presidential palace to take part in a protest calling on President Mohammed Morsi to step down, the state news agency MENA reported.

A group of protesters climbed over the palace’s gates and lifted banners criticising Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and calling for early presidential elections.

Amid heavy security presence around the palace, the protesters distributed red-coloured posters with the word “Leave” on them.

Some protesters pasted the posters on the palace’s gates as they chanted slogans similar to the ones chanted during the January 25 revolution.

This protest comes two days ahead of planned mass demonstrations which the Egyptian opposition and the “Rebel” Campaign called for.

“Rebel” Campaign aims to garner support for a no-confidence vote against  Mohammed Morsi one year after he assumed power.

Judges’ Club to take legal action against Mohammed Morsi for insulting judiciary

Egypt’s Judges’ Club has decided to take legal action against President Mohammed Morsi because of what the club called his insults to the judiciary in his latest speech, Judge Medhat Yassin, deputy head of the Court of Cassation, said.

“I challenge you, Morsi, to present whatever evidence you have against Judge Ali al-Nemr,” Ahmed al-Zend said at a press conference on Friday.

In a speech he gave last Wednesday, Mohammed Morsi accused Nemr of rigging presidential elections.

Nemr told Aswat Masriya that he was not informed there were charges of election rigging pressed against him.

The judges will participate in the June 30 demonstrations which call for toppling Mohammed Morsi and holding early presidential elections.

They will march from the club’s headquarters to the High Court and back.

Mohammed Morsi Protests: Ministry threatens private television channels with shutdown

Egypt’s Ministry of Investment sent a letter to several private television channels including CBC, Dream and ON TV threatening them with immediate closure without awaiting a court ruling.

The ministry based its threat on a previous administrative court ruling that entitles the ministry to shut down those channels in case of violations such as not committing to the ethics of dialogue, disrespecting objectivity and inciting violence.

In its letter, the ministry said that the public free media zone’s board of directors will remain convened to monitor the media performance of satellite channels.

This content is from : Aswat Masriya

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