iPhone 6 Logic Board Looks Similar To iPhone 5’s

iPhone 6 Logic Board Looks Similar To iPhone 5’s
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It seems like we get more images that are purported to be leaked photos of iPhone 6 components, and today is no different. This time it’s an image of what is said to be the logic board of the iPhone 6 or possibly the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6 Logic Board Looks Similar To iPhone 5's

Does This Component Really Belong To The iPhone 6?

The purportedly leaked photos originally come from the Japanese site Moumantai, and Softpedia’s Filip Truta wrote about them. The blogger notes that the logic board looks quite a bit like that of the iPhone 5, which might mean that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is just putting out another S upgrade this year rather than the much-anticipated iPhone 6.

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Of course there’s always the chance that this is the logic board from the low-cost iPhone that’s said to be in the works. Or it could just be another fake. And it’s hard to really tell anything looking at just a board without any chips in it.

If This Component Really Belongs To The iPhone 6, Then…

Mac Rumors blogger Eric Slivka said it looks like the logic board will fit the bigger Apple A processors that the iPhone 6 is rumored to run on. He said it appears as if the space for the A-series chip is slightly bigger than the A6 chip that’s used in the iPhone 5.

However, he also points to comments regarding the size of the board that were made on the site’s forum.  The commenter said it looks like the board is a bit thinner than that of the iPhone 5, which may mean that the A-series chip is actually the same size as that in the iPhone 5 after all. If the commenter is right about the board being thinner, then there might be room for a bigger battery instead, which many Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans have been wanting.

So will we see the iPhone 6 this year, or will it be the iPhone 5S? Or perhaps both, with the latter being the low-cost version? We’ll just have to wait and see, as always, because Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is being as secretive as ever.

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