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How To Add Images As Attachments In Gmail Via Drag And Drop

Gmail’s new compose window does have certain advantages. For example, you can always drag and drop images to the compose window which would embed that image to the mail. While this works great, not everyone would like to add inline images to an email. There are many people that want to attach images to an email, and not embed them, which was not possible up until now.

Gmail Now Supports Attaching Images

Gmail now supports attaching images via drag and drop. Now, the question is how can a user attach an image to the message via drag and drop? Well, it basically depends on where you drop it.


If you drop the image in the big white space that says “Drop files here”, then your image will be embedded to the message and it won’t get attached. However, if you drop it at the bottom where it says “Drop to attach”, then your image will be attached, just like a normal file. All you need to do is ensure that you’re dropping the image at the correct place.

Even though this is a minor addition to Gmail, it fixes a major annoyance for many. This feature is now live for Gmail as well as Google Apps users. Do try it out right now!