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How To Post A Photo As A Comment On Facebook From Phone

How To Post A Photo As A Comment On Facebook From Phone

As reported earlier, Facebook has announced a new feature that allows user to post a photo as a comment on any status update. This feature, for now, is only added to the website and it was slowly rolled out throughout the course of the day. In most cases, this feature should be available for everyone by now.

What’s worth noting is that this feature is only added to the Facebook.com website and also to its mobile site. This means that those using Facebook on mobile apps won’t be able to post a picture as a comment. Even the official app, for now, doesn’t support this feature but it might be that Facebook is preparing for the update.

So if you’re on a smartphone and want to post a photo comment on Facebook, then there’s a small trick involved. You need to visit m.facebook.com (which is Facebook’s mobile site) using any web browser. This site can be accessible from just any platform, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or any other.

Now, when you login to Facebook, and tap on a Comment below the status update, you’ll be able to see all the comments (if any) on that status. In the same comment, you’ll be able to see a new camera icon at the left side. Tap on this camera icon and then select the photo that you want to use as a comment.


For now, this is the only solution we have to post photo comments on Facebook from mobile devices. We’ll let you know when Facebook updates its app to support this new functionality.