How To Link To A Specific Spot In a Google Doc

When working on a long Google Doc, you might know on which page lies what, but let’s say you’re sharing that document with a friend and in such a case, he might not be able to find the exact paragraph that you want to show him.

So, how would you link to a specific spot in Google Doc? Well, just like webpages, you can bookmark a specific spot so that the person that you send that link to will be able to open exactly that same spot, and the document won’t start from the beginning.

To add a bookmark, move your cursor to the spot where you want to place the bookmark, and then from the Insert menu, click on Bookmark.
How To Link To A Specific Spot In a Google Doc

Once the bookmark is added, you’ll see a blue mark added to the document. Simply right-click on Link and then copy the URL to your clipboard or open it in a new tab.

You can now send this URL to your friends or co-workers so that when they open the same document, they’ll start from the same bookmark spot.

If you’re thinking to do the same thing with Google Presentations, then you can simply grab the URL for that particular slide and then send it to others. Each slide has its own unique URL which means you don’t need to do anything to add the bookmark.

Doing this was a piece of cake, right!

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