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Gmail for Android: How to Bring Back the Trash Button


Google has released a new redesigned version of Gmail for Android. The Web version now has a new tabbed interface which can be enabled from settings, while the mobile app also has an updated interface. If you’ve recently updated the Gmail Android app, then you may have noticed that it no longer displays the trash button in the toolbar. The new toolbar has options for only archive, mark and move.

While there’s no denying that archive button is also very useful, the trash button lets you quickly delete the selected messages without going anywhere.

Some might not miss the trash button, but for those who do, here’s how to enable the Trash button in Gmail for Android.

Go to Settings, and then tap on General Settings. Next, tap on archive & delete options. You’ll now see a new pop-up window with three options: Show archive only, Show delete only and Show archive & delete. Tap on either Show delete only or on Show archive & delete option.


That’s all you need to do. Now you will be able to see a new Trash button in the toolbar. That wasn’t hard, was it?