Get The New Version of Dropbox Ahead of Official Launch

Get The New Version of Dropbox Ahead of Official Launch

Dropbox is soon coming up with a new version that comes with some exciting new features. The current version is on 2.1.x, but if you update to the new experimental build, then you can get some new features like the ability to capture screenshots, faster upload/download for large files and more. However, note that experimental builds are not for everyone, but if you’re an enthusiast, then this is for you.

To try out the new experimental build version of Dropbox (currently 2.3.12), head over to the official Dropbox forums and download Dropbox as per your respective OS. The new version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once you finish installing the updated version, you can start using its new features. For example; to take a screenshot, simply press the Print Screen key in Windows while Mac users can press Command-Shift-3 or 4. For now, you cannot define a custom key from options.

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Get The New Version of Dropbox Ahead of Official Launch

Three other new features of Dropbox are:
Move to Dropbox: This is a context menu item that will show up for most files or folders outside of your Dropbox.

Import from iPhoto: This option is only supported on Mac with iPhoto 7.0 or higher. It will show up as a notification in your tray menu if you have photos in your iPhoto library. Your iPhoto albums will also be created as Dropbox albums which are viewable from the web.

Faster Speed: If you like to sync up large files, then here’s good news—the new version gets you much faster upload and download speeds for large files.

So go ahead, get the new version of Dropbox before everyone else does.

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