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Get iOS 7 3D Effect Wallpaper On Android Right Now

At the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple introduced a completely revamped version of iOS with many new eye candies and features. Some of the new features that are coming with iOS 7 are the new app icons, improved notification center, all new multitasking screen, lock screen notifications, iTunes Radio and quick access to some of the important settings.

However, the talk of the town is that it is said that Apple has borrowed many of these features from other mobile OS’s like Windows Phone and Android. Well, we’ll not delve into this epic discussion about who copied whom, but one of the features that stood out in iOS 7 is the new motion response interface, where the device responds to any movements and creates a 3D effect in the background.

This is something similar to Android’s Live wallpaper, and there are plenty of such apps on Play Store. One app that stood out is the 3D Image Live Wallpaper that creates 3D effect just from any wallpaper. The developer says that your Android device needs to have a Gyro sensor for this to work, and in most cases, you would have this sensor in your device.

Get iOS 7 3D Effect Wallpaper On Android Right Now

Download the app from Google Play Store for $1.60.