Facebook Inc (FB) Instagram Features Expected To Drive Strong Adoption


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) introduced and launched a video app on Instagram through which users can record a short video of 15 seconds. The app also includes 13 filters to make any changes in the display of the video. There are various competing video apps, including Twitter’s Vine.

Facebook Inc (FB) Instagram Features Expected To Drive Strong Adoption

Instagram Already Popular

According to Onavo Insights, the most popular video sharing app on iPhone was Twitter Vine in May, which has a user base of 10 percent. The photo sharing app of Instagram was far ahead with a user base of 36 percent. The other video sharing apps had a user base of less than 1 percent each. Instagram has a monthly user base of 130 million. So far 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram and 1 billion likes are generated every day.

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Facebook and Instagram’s Unique Features

According to a report from Wedbush, there are various features that keep the Instagram video sharing app apart from other apps in its class, and will allure users. The time of video recording is 15 seconds compared to 6 second video sharing app Vine. The app from Facebook also has 13 filters. Compared to Instagram, Vine has no filters. Users will get the benefit of adding multiple clips within a video and also get an option to delete previous clips.

Users can choose a cover frame from the video, add a quote, add video to a photo map, define the location, share through e-mail, Facebook, foursquare, Tumblr, or Twitter. Video on Instagram can play once without loop, unlike Vine.

Cinema Feature, Very Impressive

The user can use a hashtag on Instagram videos. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Android users can also access the video app. The feature Cinema, which is incorporated on Video, allows cinematic stabilization. According to Wedbush, the Cinema feature makes the video quality better and should take Facebook a step ahead compared to the competition.

Introducing Interstitial Ads

According to report, users are accustomed to seeing ads before, during or after video but not with the photos. Instagram does not currently show advertisements, but the report expects the app to eventually follow the same course as Facebook itself, and allow ads after some updates.

The report maintains an outperform rating on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and the price target is set at $35.