Apple’s Steve ‘jOBS’ Biopic To Hit Cinemas August 16

The biopic about Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs will hit movie theaters on August 16. The movie, aptly titled ‘Jobs’, will star Ashton Kutcher as the legend himself.

Apple's Steve 'jOBS' Biopic To Hit Cinemas August 16

This film will chronicle Jobs’ life from 1971 to 2001. Deadline reports that this movie will show the main character’s life in depth with intense dialogue. Open Roads, a film distribution company, will also star Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak), Dermot Mulroney, Lukas Haas, Matthew Modine and J.K. Simmons. It was directed by Michael Stern, produced by Mark Hulm,  and written by Matthew Whitely. It was also filmed by Russell Carpenter.

‘jOBs’ Early Reviews:

‘Jobs’ earned mixed reviews from an earlier screening. Steve Wozniak (Apple’s other co-founder) was even critical of the film explaining that the real Steve Jobs was nothing like Ashton’s portrayal in the film. He said, “As far as the personalities that were in that scene [laughs] this was just ridiculous. Like Steve Jobs as some sort of  ‘oh my gosh, I’m the father of society, I’ve got the ideas that are gonna drive the–‘ No, he didn’t act like that at all.”

According to Wozniak, Jobs did not embrace his role as the tech visionary until the latter part of his life. Later, he slammed the film again on Good Morning America. With a follow-up email, Wozniak explained that he was the one who was more interested in providing technology for everyone whereas Jobs was interested in monetizing the designs. He summed it up, “”The Apple I was the [fifth] time I designed something just for fun that Steve found a way to turn into money, and the Apple was the [sixth] time.”

Despite Wozniak’s interpretations of the film, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans will likely flock to see the film about the legend who created today’s popular gadgets like the iPhone and iPad. The movie should pack movie theatres later this summer.