Download Windows 8 Official User Guide From Microsoft

It is said that it’s better late than never, and the same can be held true for Microsoft. The Redmond based company has finally released a user guide for Windows 8 users which covers some basic things. This PDF document can be freely downloaded from Microsoft’s site (link at the end of this article) and is named as “Windows 8 End User Training Brochure.”

This 36 page guide starts from the basic tasks like Start Screen, using mouse corners to do various tasks, touch based gestures, swipe and more. It also covers some advanced topics like using Windows To Go, BitLocker, File History and more.

One of the most useful sections of this ebook is the page that lists out all the touch, mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Since it is a PDF, you can download it from any of your devices and read it. You might also want to convert the book to MOBI format, send it to your Kindle or upload it to your Google Play Books account.

Download Windows 8 Official User Guide From Microsoft

The PDF is a good read for your leisure time during the weekend. But if you’re already an advanced user, then you won’t find anything new, but still, since it’s free, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Download the book from here