Twitter Acquires Ubalo, A Scalable Computing Start-Up

Twitter Acquires Ubalo, A Scalable Computing Start-Up
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Twitter has taken over Ubalo, a company that offers different services for making the coding process fast, according to social network.

Twitter Acquires Ubalo, A Scalable Computing Start-Up

The site declared that the Ubalo team is joining Twitter, and this is exciting news for them. Ubalo describes its business as a way “to make large-scale computing easier and more accessible to a technical audience.” It refers to its chief technology as “pods,” which may contain code, data and any other files needed to support a developer’s application.

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What Ubalo Do:

Ubalo provides the services, which are used for increasing the speed of coding efficiently at many computers at the same time. The literal meaning of Ubalo is counting, and it manages the details in a back end process when a user runs a pod as per the website of the company.

The company says that they do not show the details of computers, and messaging so integration and scaling should not be a problem for users and all they need is to just type the codes needed by them for analysis.

The previous projects of the company amongst many include bringing down the image processing time for an application that has uploaded the files to S3 web storage service, and get back and process various data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

There is no clarity over how Twitter will utilize the technology of Ubalo into its back-end systems. There was no comment from the company over the deal. The website of Ubalo posted that they are looking forward to work in collaboration with Twitter in the future, as well.

Twitter’s New Plans Fuelling Acquisition

There has been an announcement from the social network site to launch new products, which will focus on making its site more user friendly. Twitter declared the expansion to its Cards program that will provide developers with greater alternatives to implant content into weed.

Twitter also launched a mobile music app last month, which was targeted to show music which was popular across the social network. The social network acquired a music service for this, known as We Are Hunted which is a site related to music discovery.

There were talks around that Twitter has acquired the music site, but there was no response from Twitter at that time. Twitter has expanded itself to around 200 million users globally in seven years. On per day basis the there are around 400 million short message or tweets appear on Twitter.


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