Twitter Acquires Lucky Sort - A Data Analysis Startup Firm

Twitter has acquired a data analysis startup firm known as Lucky Sort, and the company will be shutting down its operation to focus solely on Twitter, said the company on its website.

Lucky Sort was founded two years ago, and then the firm launched its first product known as TopicWatch. TopicWatch let users analyze real-time trends on social media as well as from other news sources. It basically helps people by breaking apart topics on social media and news in a visual manner.


Lucky Sort CEO Noah Pepper said that several people from the company will be moving to San Francisco to join Twitter’s revenue engineering department. Lucky Sort will be helping their current customers to transition off from their systems in the coming months, so that they can focus fully on Twitter. For now, the terms of the deals were not disclosed by either company.

“Our goal was to make huge document sets easier to analyze, summarize and visualize by building elegant and user friendly tools for text analysis” writes Noah Pepper, CEO of Lucky Sort. “Today I’m very excited to announce that our journey has entered a new phase: Lucky Sort has been acquired by Twitter!”

Twitter has also confirmed about the acquisition in a tweet.

Lucky Sort had raised a total of $600,000 before the acquisition, from Neu Venture Capital, Invite Investments and various Angel investors.

Twitter has acquired multiple startups in the recent months. It seems that the company will continue to make small acquisitions for either talent or expertise. In the past, Twitter has acquired Ubalo, We Are Hunted, Vine, Bluefin Labs and many such companies.