Tesla’s Musk Wants To Go To Mars, And Take The Human Race With Him

Tesla’s Musk Wants To Go To Mars, And Take The Human Race With Him
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I’ve never failed to share my admiration and appreciation for Elon Musk, whether on this site, drunk on a bar stool, or simply sending money by Ebay and saying a quiet “Thank You” for my ability to work for anyone anywhere as long as I have a laptop. My favorite is when I get paid on the Mexican Riviera from someone in Outer Mongolia but I trust PayPal will someday allow me a more interesting combination of pay and work options.

Tesla's Musk Wants To Go To Mars, And Take The Human Race With Him

When he docked his rocket with the ISS, I raised a glass. When he put Sarah Palin in her place as an ignorant windbag, I said, “Really Elon? For someone who built a rocket ship I wouldn’t expect you to revert to shooting fish in a barrel, hell that hack Jay Leno can do that. I’ve also ridden in the Model S from Musk’s Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) and its frickin’ awesome.

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No, I want to go to Mars following Musk’s remarks at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital Conference this Wednesday last.

“Either we spread earth to other planets, or we risk going extinct. An extinction event is inevitable and we’re increasingly doing ourselves in.”

At SpaceX, “the goal is to improve rocket technology and space technology until we can send people to Mars and establish life on Mars. I agree this is an unlikely outcome, but if we don’t keep improving technology every year, we won’t get there.”

I don’t for a minute think that Musk believes that he will see this realized in his lifetime, but the guy is nothing less than a pioneer, and he is already a space pioneer if you need to be reminded.

Tesla’s Elon Musk Refer To Mars As  a “fixer-upper of a planet:

Personally, I loved it when I heard Musk refer to Mars as  a “fixer-upper of a planet,” before adding “But we could make it work.”

I personally think this guy can. He only has two bachelor’s degrees but owns a company that built a reusable rocket. There is little doubt in my mind that Elon Musk could have continued to be successful with Internet based companies, he just doesn’t think that small anymore and us future colonists of Mars will be better for it.

Check out the full dialogue with Musk here.

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