Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas

Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas

Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas Coverage brought to you by ValueWalk.

salt conference 2013 las vegas

Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas Coverage

The Salt Conference Las Vegas kicked off Tuesday night the 7th of May. It featured a ‘VIP dinner’ with Nouriel Roubini. However, the newsy part of the conference begins today and goes through Friday May 10th. Many famous and insightful investors/economists/politicians (and pundits) will be speaking at the conference. We will be providing both live blogging of the event as well as in-depth analysis. This is a jam packed week. We earlier brought you coverage of the Value Investing Congress in Las Vegas. Additionally, we are covering Ira Sohn Conference on Wednesday May 8th.

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Wednesday May 8, 2013 Day 1 Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas

NOTE: Links will not be live until the event begins.

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM EST: One-on-One with John Paulson and 5:05 PM – 5:50 PM EST: A Conversation with Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Secretary Leon Panetta

Thursday May 9, Day 2 Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas

10:30 AM – 11:00AM EST: Anatomy of a Trade: A Conversation with Daniel Loeb

Sam Zell, John Burbank Have Finding Value Outside the US: SALT

2:00 PM – 4:00PM EST: Track D – Special Presentations

Link to coverage

Link to coverage

Friday, May 10th, Salt Conference 2013 Las Vegas

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