NASA And The Spy That Boned Me

Bo Jiang, the Chinese national accused of spying on NASA when he boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to Beijing in late March didn’t do anything wrong. Well, he did but after allegations of planning to hand over sensitive material to the Chinese government proved unfounded, it turns out his real crime is being a man. That is, he likes porn apparently.

NASA And The Spy That Boned Me

On Thursday, Jiang plead guilty to misdemeanor charges for violating NASA’s computer security policies. Authorities say they uncovered sexually explicit materials and illegally downloaded movies on the computer taken from him at Dulles International Airport, but found no sensitive or proprietary information. As comical as this is it begs some real questions.

In this day and age would someone who was actually spying on the United States keep the information on his work computer? China is largely believed to be the country most involved in international espionage against both private entities and foreign governments. Are we so blindly racist in the States that we think he wouldn’t be smarter than this? Would someone with a doctorate degree EARNED in the U.S. in math and science think that was the best way to bring information to China? I say earned because when I lectured for the University of Wales in China, cheating was rampant. Not rampant, expected.  On a NASA laptop? There are hundreds of Chinese nationals in Washington D.C. alone who would have happily relayed this information back to the Middle Kingdom if asked, instructed, or simply doing their job. And they would have done it a lot smarter.

To the question of racism…..

“I remain concerned that neither the prosecutors nor NASA have addressed the original question of why a NASA laptop was inappropriately provided to a restricted foreign national associated with ‘an entity of concern’ and why he was allowed to take the laptop and all of its information back to China last December,” wrote Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA)in an e-mail to Bloomberg Businessweek.

I know that answer. He was fired by NASA and banned from NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia and nobody asked for the laptop back.

Mr. Wolf also has issues with 280 other “fer-ners” who do math real good for the U.S. government.

Next question, if this is indicative of NASA’s investigative prowess, did we really put a man on the moon?

And lastly, who the hell takes pirated movies back to China? You’re going the wrong way.