How to Place an iTunes Like MiniPlayer on iPhone and iPad

How to Place an iTunes Like MiniPlayer on iPhone and iPad

If you’ve tried out the latest version of iTunes, then it comes with a MiniPlayer, a really useful feature. As the name suggests, it opens a mini player, just like the miniature mode of Winamp. This MiniPlayer has buttons for play/pause, next, previous, volume, search and more, all this without adding any clutter to the entire screen.


If you’re searching for a similar type of offering for your iOS device like iPhone and iPad, then here comes the MiniPlayer for iOS, an app which can be purchased from the Cydia store for $2. This tweak comes from the same developer who has developed the PowerMusic MiniPlayer. The developer says that a further discount will be offered to those who already own PowerMusic MiniPlayer.

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How to Place an iTunes Like MiniPlayer on iPhone and iPad

MiniPlayer basically puts an iTunes 11 like music widget on your iPhone and iPad’s screen. This app will stay on top to whatever you’re doing. You can drag and drop it anywhere on the screen and just a single tap on the album will further minimize this player. Tap on it again and it would pop out. It would be great if there would be an option to completely hide this player from the screen, but for now, there’s no such option. We just hope the developer adds such an option in the near future.

How to Place an iTunes Like MiniPlayer on iPhone and iPad

If you happen to listen to music a lot, and want to control the next, previous tracks as well as play/pause the song, then this app will do just that, and in the most easiest possible way ever. You just need to install this tweak and whenever you play the music, it will be displayed on your device. There are no options to configure this tweak and it just works out of the box.

MiniPlayer is available from the BigBoss repo. Grab it if you don’t mind shelling out $2.

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