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How To Find Your Twitter RSS Feed URL [Quick Tip]

How To Find Your Twitter RSS Feed URL [Quick Tip]

To stay updated on Twitter, we normally open or use some Twitter client like TweetDeck or any other. While this works great, sometimes you may want to subscribe a Twitter account to an RSS Reader.

By subscribing to a particular Twitter user on the RSS Reader, you can check his/her tweets right from the Reader’s interface – no need for any Twitter client or logging-in to required anymore.

But before subscribing, you’ll need to grab the Twitter Feed URL for that particular user. Here’s how you can find the Twitter RSS Feed URL for any user.

Simply use the below URL and replace “username” with your actual Twitter username.

Replace this “username” at the end of the URL with Twitter username. For example:

You can now use this URL to subscribe to any RSS Reader like Feedly or any other (because the popular Google Reader will be soon shut down).

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