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How To Dim All Windows, Except The Active Window

Those who do multitasking a lot need to focus on the right things. With so many different windows open, sometimes it makes it difficult to focus on the right task, and it might have a negative impact on productivity.

You can close all the open windows, or open programs in full screen mode. But instead of doing that, how about dimming out all the open windows, except the active window? That’s where a new small and lightweight utility known as Le Dimmer steps in. It basically lets you focus on the active window, and creates a distraction free environment in no time.

How To Dim All Windows, Except The Active Window

After downloading Le Dimmer, extract the program. This is a very small utility of only 80KB (zip file). There are two files, Readme and LeDimmer.exe. Launch Le Dimmer.exe and now you will be able to see that your desktop and other programs/windows will be dimmed, and only the active window will be highlighted.

There are no other options, but it just works out of the box. If you want, then you can configure the transparency options, between 0 to 255, 150 being the default value. However, transparency can only be set from the command line. In most cases, the default transparency works great for many.


To quit Le Dimmer, right-click on the Le Dimmer icon from the System tray and quit the program from there, or select “About” to view more details on command line options.

Go ahead, try it out and focus on the window that you’re currently working on. This small utility prevents you from getting distracted from your work.

This utility works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.