Google Adds Feature To Add Calendar Events Directly From Gmail

Google has announced an update that lets users create Google Calendar events directly from Gmail. Google claims that this feature will be very useful for those users who do a lot of scheduling over emails, because these users won’t need to open Google Calendar separately anymore, instead they can add any event directly from Gmail.

How To Use This New Google Feature

Let’s learn how it works. Whenever you will open any email with dates and times, these information will be lightly underlined. You can click on them to schedule whatever you want, all without leaving the familiar interface of Gmail.

Once you click on date and time, you’ll be able to see your schedule for that particular day, and also you can change the title, date, or time of the event. Click on the “Add to Calendar” button to add that event to the calendar, with a link back to the original email so that you can check the email to know more information about the event.


However, we agree that this is just a minor addition for user’s convenience, but it would definitely make life easier. Now you don’t need to open Google Calendar, just to add an event by looking at Gmail. All you need is to click on it from Gmail, and you’re good to go. Basically, this feature brings Gmail and Google Calendar closer, and the company wants us to use both of its products (which is obvious). Many users would find this integration very useful, especially those who regularly use Google Calendar.

Google says that this feature is rolling out over the next week to everyone with the English (US) language selected. The company would be adding support for other languages soon, so don’t worry if you’re not able to see the changes at this moment.