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Clean-up All the Clutter on YouTube with this Extension

When watching a video on YouTube, there are many distractions such as related videos, comments, advertisements and what not. Many of us might think that all these elements are mere distractions that come in our way of video watching experience. In fact, because of related videos, sometimes we might waste a good amount of time when in the first place we just wanted to check out a single video.

One thing’s clear. Sometimes we want a more cleaner YouTube experience where only the currently viewing video matters and nothing else. That’s where a new extension named as videos steps in. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and iOS. It basically removes all the distractions and you get to see only the video player, and nothing else (not even the title and description of the video).

Here’s how YouTube would look like once you install and enable this extension.

Clean-up All the Clutter on YouTube with this Extension

The new cleaner interface looks great, with no related videos, comments, subscription box or anything else.

Tip: If you’re installing the Chrome extension, then it might get a little bit tricky. After downloading the extension, open the Extensions page on Chrome and then drag and drop that file to the extensions page. Click on Add to install the extension.