Ontario Terror Attack Thwarted By Police In Canada

Ontario Terror Attack Thwarted By Police In Canada
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A planned terror attack has been quelled by Canadian Police in Ontario. According to reports, a joint effort between Canadian police and intelligence officials and United States Federal agencies was involved in arresting the suspects, and putting an end to the possibility of a major attack north of the border. The news come just one week after a major terrorist attack, the Boston Bombing occurred in the United States.

Ontario Terror Attack Thwarted By Police In Canada

Very little confirmed information about the terrorist attack is currently available, but news from CBS suggests that intelligence officials are planning on hosting a press conference at 15.30 this afternoon that will detail the investigation, and the arrests that took place today. The details that are available are scant, and do not include the identities or the motives of the individuals involved.

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Officials made it clear that those arrested have no apparent links to the brothers that carried out the Boston Bombing last week. Sources close to the matter, speaking with CBS news, have said that the scale of the planned attack was large, larger than even the Toronto 18 case, a series of planned kidnappings and bombings that were planned and thwarted in 2006.

Those convicted in the Toronto 18 case were said to be part of the international wave of Islamic terrorism, but Canada has a history of home grown terrorism related to nationalists in the French speaking province of Quebec. Front de libération du Québec has been existed at various levels of activity since the 1960’s, and committed many acts of terror including kidnapping.

It is not clear at this time whether the suspects arrested today identify with homegrown Canadian groups, global Islamic terrorism, or some other violent ideology. Law enforcement officials are confident, however, that the threat from these individuals is now extinguished.

Intelligence officials said that they have been monitoring the group that was shut down today for more than a year. The group was, according to reports, active in southern Ontario and in Quebec. The specifics of the group’s plot are likely to be made public at the press conference later today.

After the serious attacks that took place last Monday, intelligence and law enforcement officials will be glad, along with the public, to have potential terrorists behind bars tonight. When further details become available, we’ll make them available at Valuewalk.com.

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