Jawbone Acquires BodyMedia To Boost Wearable Health Technology

Jawbone, a company engaged in developing human-centered wearable technology and wearable audio devices to improve people’s lives, acquired BodyMedia, a pioneer in developing wearable body monitors that collects physiological data to enhance health, wellness, and fitness.


Jawbone purchased BodyMedia for more than $100 million according to a report from AllthingsD citing unnamed sources familiar with the transaction.

In a statement, Hosain Rahman, chief executive officer of Jawbone, said that consumers have a strong appetite for personal data and self-discovery and he believes that the trend will continue to grow.

According to Rahman, Jawbone and BodyMedia have nearly three decades worth of deep technology, science and intellectual property centering around sophisticated sensors on the body. He also said that the two companies have almost 300 issued and pending patents around wearable technology.

“We look forward to pushing new boundaries, creating new markets, showing people what’s truly possible with wearable computing.”

Rahman also told AllthingsD, “I think the first phase of this market has been about accelerometers and what those can do. Now it’s about getting even more granular, and also, how we can get all that tech into an efficient form factor.”

He added that the company is exploring many things.  Rahman said, “We’re exploring where we would see sensors working, and how we can put more and more on top of the body.

One of the products is the $130 Jawbone Up wristband, which is capable of monitoring a user’s activity level and sleep pattern. The device is compatible with a mobile app for Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Android operating system and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS.

On the other hand, Christine Robins, chief executive officer of BodyMedia said, “Jawbone’s deep expertise with consumer technology, design, and building products that fit seamlessly into people’s lives is the best way to carry forward many of the innovations that BodyMedia has developed over the past 14 years. We are eager to pair our depth of insight and IP with Jawbone’s expertise so that together, we can make an even bigger impact on people’s health and help them achieve their goals.”

As part of the deal, Robins will become general manager of BodyMedia and vice president of business development of Jawbone.

BodyMedia has 87 patents  is expert in the medical and consumer category, particularly in wearable monitors. The company holds one of the largest databases of raw and real-world human sensor data, which were collected and analyzed from its patented multi-sensor body monitors for more than 14 years. The company has a platform registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device clinically proven for weight loss.