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Install Facebook Home on Any Android Device Without Limitations

Install Facebook Home on Any Android Device Without Limitations

Facebook Home is the latest endeavor by the social network that brings an alternative home launcher to select Android devices.

For now, this launcher is only compatible with devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and Galaxy Note 2, but that’s not all, the launcher app is only available to users in the U.S. There are ways to make it run on other countries but the compatibility issue still remains.

Facebook is gradually adding more devices to its list of supported devices but not everyone likes to wait for that to happen. Plus as we know, there are so many Android devices out there, that not everyone will be able to get their hands on Facebook Home.

Fortunately, that’s where the Android developer community steps in. One of the members of the ever-popular XDA Developer forum has modified the APK so that Facebook Home can run on any Android device and on any region right away. This APK intelligently bypasses the country restrictions, plus it also allows users to install Facebook Home on any Android device.

But before you begin, ensure that you have uninstalled all the Facebook apps from your device. Uninstall the Facebook app itself, Messenger app and the Facebook Home app if you’re running on any unsupported device.

With the above points in mind, let’s install Facebook Home.

Step 1: Download the Facebook Home APK package from XDA forums from here.

Step 2: Un-rar the archive and then install both the APK files. For this purpose, you can use a file manager app. Also ensure that you have enabled installation of apps from unknown sources. This setting can be enabled from: Settings > Security and then checkmark “Unknown Sources” box.

Step 3: Now, simply login to your Facebook account and enable the Facebook Home in the app settings. That’s all you need to do. Once you’ve done with the configuration part, you can start enjoying your new “Home”.

This method doesn’t even require root and you can start enjoying Facebook Home on any Android device right now.

If you have already installed the Facebook app from Play Store, then you’ll need to uninstall it first. This step is compulsory or else the new APK file installation won’t work.

So go ahead, try out this new alternative launcher app that pushes you closer to the social network like never before.

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