“HTC First”: The Facebook Phone [PHOTOS]

As we’ve posted earlier, Facebook Home is set to be unveil at a press event tomorrow, April 4. 9to5Google has some exciting news and according to them, the new phone by HTC will be named “First”, and that’s because this would be the first phone to come with a deep Facebook integration and a new Android UI that’s focused on Facebook.

Till now, we’ve only had information but haven’t got any visuals. Well, not anymore, as here are some images of the new HTC First phone that comes with Facebook Home. This new UI focuses on full-screen photography, and a new clean UI that’s focuses on Facebook, as expected.

"HTC First": The Facebook Phone [PHOTOS]

On the Gallery app, we can see Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Messaging and Google+ buttons. The notification screen is using the FB cover photo as its background. It looks like the unlock screen is using the user’s profile photo, and user will need to swipe it to unlock.

As seen from the images, many different Facebook functions can be accessed from most menus, without the need to launch the dedicated Facebook app or visiting the website. The new UI definitely looks clean as of now, but we’ll need to wait till tomorrow for the official press event.

So it seems like Facebook doesn’t want to leave even a single stone unturned to capture the mobile market. This phone will make it easy for mobile users to post content and updates to Facebook, creating an interaction between FB and the user. What’s not clear, however, is if other Android OEMs can also take advantage of this Facebook Home or is it just confined to HTC only? Let’s wait and watch.