How To Change The On-Screen Navigation Keys On Android


Android operating system, as we know, comes with many customizable options, and when we install an application like Launcher, we enter into a whole new world. But then again, there are some areas which require a rooted device.

For example; when you want to use a backup utility like Titanium backup. So if you’re on a rooted device, then here’s an app named as SoftKeyz that allows you to customize the appearance of soft navigation keys on Android.

How To Change The On-Screen Navigation Keys On Android

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Of course installing a custom ROM opens up more possibilities, but not everyone needs a custom ROM. Plus, the process is not that easy for starters. That’s where applications like SoftKeyZ step in, to add more functionality to the device with just a simple app installation.

SoftKeyZ does require root access, but that’s all you need to use it. Once installed, it can change the buttons as per your settings. You can choose from simple to fancy buttons, or even text buttons if you’re of the traditional type. There are options for changing the color of the buttons too.

The app comes with an option of 150+ different soft buttons to choose from and the developer promises to add more buttons with every update.

However, the developer has stated a warning before you use it. The developer says “This app modifies system files and should only be used with a flashable backup of your current ROM on your device.” That’s why we always recommend users to backup their Android phone so that they can recover back. The app also requires BusyBox to be installed.

If you’re thinking to give your navigation keys a different look, then this is what you should try. SoftKeyZ is a paid app, and can be purchased from the below link.

Download SoftKeyZ from the Google Play Store.