How To Capture Full Webpage Screenshot on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

How To Capture Full Webpage Screenshot on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

iOS, by default, comes with a screenshot capturing feature which lets users capture an image of the screen, without using any third-party application. A user simply needs to press the Home as well as the Power button for some time and the screenshot would be captured and saved in Camera Roll. That works great for many, but what if you want to capture screenshots of a full webpage? In such a case, you would need to keep on scrolling down and then capture the screenshot in pieces. If you would do this for many web pages, then in the end, it would be a complete mess. That’s where a new app named as Barry steps in.

Once installed, to capture the screenshot, you’ll need to use the Barry browser whenever you want to capture the full length screenshot of the webpage. But if you cannot stay away from your favorite browser like Safari or Chrome, then don’t worry, simply use your preferred browser and whenever the need arises, copy the full URL and paste it in the Barry browser. This way, you’ll need to use this browser only when the need arises.

How To Capture Full Webpage Screenshot on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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Once the screenshot is captured, it is saved in the app’s interface where you can view all of your captured screenshots, and from there, you can even share them via email, Twitter, Dropbox and more. You can also save the image to your Camera Roll – the central place for images on your iOS device.


Barry seems to be a good solution to capture complete webpage screenshots, but it’s only that you would need to use a complete separate browser for this purpose.

Barry does not require any jail breaked device and can be installed from the App Store. It is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5 or higher. Get it from the link below.

Download Barry from the App Store.

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