Here’s How You Can Secretly Send And Receive Photos On Android

Many people like sharing photos with their friends and family on various social networking sites. Photo sharing has gained popularity due to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. People love to capture photos from smartphones share by using apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

But not everyone is comfortable with sharing photos publicly. Is there a way to share photos anonymously? Yes, with the help of an Android app named as Rando. The idea behind this app is to protect your identity and stay anonymous, while sharing the photo with the world. Most apps like Instagram want you to share a photo, and then get likes and comments. Rando takes a fresh and different approach – it shares your photo but allows users to remain anonymous.


There is no need to register or enter any email address to get started, as the main idea of the app is to not a focus on identities but rather the photographic content itself.

Here's How You Can Secretly Send And Receive Photos On Android

When users send a Rando, the recipient will never know who sent it.

For now, Rando seems to bring to the table a whole new dimension of photo sharing. It’s all about sharing, but without the worry of disclosure: likes, comments, hashtags, et cetera. Give it a try.

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