Get Android Jelly Bean-Like Lock Screen on iPhone

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When it comes to installing useful tweaks, apps and themes, the Cydia store has plenty of them. Some of them are really small nifty tweaks, while some of them add a specific functionality to the iOS device. If you’re the one who like to tinker with your devices, then here comes a new tweak named as JellyLock. This tweak brings to you an Android Jelly Bean inspired lock screen to your iPhone.

This tweak is developed by Max Katzmann and has been quite popular in the jailbreak community. This tweak has been downloaded over 19,000 times already which clearly shows us its popularity.

Just like Android JellyBean, when you install this tweak, you can see a lock icon which you can drag to the edge of the screen to unlock your device. It offers many settings which allows users to customize the look of the launcher, and can also add up to three custom apps that can be launched directly via the Lock screen. The default settings work great for many, but it definitely makes sense to customize this tweak.
Get Android Jelly Bean-Like Lock Screen on iPhone

You don’t need to be an Android fan to use this tweak, because the added functionality of directly launching apps via the shortcuts makes life easy for any user. The best part is that the user can choose which apps to launch from the Lock screen. It definitely works better than the stock configuration, which doesn’t offer us any such configuration.

All the settings of JellyLock can be changed from the Settings app, and it doesn’t require any re-spring. You can change the theme, choose the apps to be featured in the launcher, and do much more, all without the need to re-spring your device.

JellyLock is a free jailbreak tweak, but it’s not available in any of the default Cydia repos. The tweak is in Beta, and you will need to add the following repo to your Cydia sources and then you’ll be able to download JellyLock.

Download it from this source and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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