Facebook Inc (FB) Allows Users To Add Icons, Links To Status Updates

Here comes another change to the status update feature on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Users can now express what they’re watching, reading, listening to, eating, drinking or how they’re feeling in status updates.

Once such an update is posted, users will be able to see an icon and link to the Facebook page of the respective movie, book, etc.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wrote in a blog post that “For example, if you share that you’re watching a movie like Jurassic Park, your post will contain the movie icon and a link to the movie’s page. Jurassic Park will be added to the movies section on your timeline.”


This means that whatever you add in your status update, like movies, TV shows, books, music, etc will also appear in your timeline. Those who don’t want this to happen can edit the privacy settings and disable this feature from there.

Facebook Inc (FB) Allows Users To Add Icons, Links To Status Updates

But this is definitely a concern for privacy for those users who don’t want such things to be added to their timeline automatically.

For now, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) says “These updates, and the stories added to your timeline, respect the privacy settings you choose for your post.” But who knows that in the future, Facebook might show you ads based on your interest and what you post on the social network. For example; if you say that you’re having a pizza, then the company might show you ads from Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) says that this change will be rolled out first in the U.S. in the coming week. It seems that users from other countries will need to wait a little longer to get their hands on this new update.

Well, you’ve just got one more thing to worry about on Facebook!

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