Dubai Adds A $450K Lamborghini To Its Police Force

In case Dubailand, Dubai Sports City, planned rotating skyscrapers, the underwater hotel Hydropolis, The Palm Islands, The Burj Tower, SKI Dubai and The Burj Al Arab weren’t quite ostentatious enough in their gross of displays of wealth well hold on to your seat. A seat that if you were to be arrested in Dubai could potentially move at 217 MPH as you are raced back to the police station in the passenger seat. I’m guessing the newest addition to the Dubai Police’s fleet of squad cars, a Lamborghini Aventador, isn’t equipped with a back seat just 750-horsepower.

Dubai Adds A $450K Lamborghini To Its Police Force

The addition, with aftermarket work including the green and white paint job, the colors of the Dubai Police, each will be running around $500,000 and something close to that in gas each year. Scratch that, it is in the Middle East after all. Surprisingly, gas prices in Dubai are not that low but rare is the resident who complains of such things.

The Lamborghini Aventador will be adorned with a classic and understated license plate simply bearing the number eight. That’s it just “8”. That is roughly the amount of seconds it takes for the Aventador to reach 150 MPH. No word has been given as to which officer will bear the burden of riding around in the cramped interior.

It’s unlikely that it will be used to run down bank robbers for a couple of reasons. There has never been a bank robbery in Dubai, and in the words of in the words of deputy police director, Gen. Khamis Matter al-Muzaina the car will spend most of its time “patrolling” tourist and shopping areas in order to remind people — “how classy Dubai is.”

I think we may not share the same definition of classy, though it has been said that “class” is one of the few things that money can’t buy so I understand the confusion as this maxim has apparently not been translated into Arabic. Very similar to foreign language books throughout most Arab countries.

Perhaps the inclusion of this car into the police force, that is being specially made to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary, is to take some of the shine off of the world’s largest Ferris wheel and a satellite city named after the city-state’s ruler presently under construction.

I can only imagine that officers under review or those being punished will now be forced to drive on of the many supped-up Chevy Camaros that have recently been added to the force.