Boston Marathon Bomb Blasts: Shocking Video And Live Stream

Boston Marathon Bomb Blasts: Shocking Video And Live Stream

Details about the Boston Marathon Explosion are coming in quickly. The New York Post reports that a Federal Law enforcement source has confirmed twelve fatalities from the attack. Boston Police Department, however, was only willing to confirm two casualties and 23 injuries from the explosion.

Boston Marathon Bomb Blasts: Shocking Video And Live Stream

The explosion was caught on video from several different angles including a crane shot recorded by a local news channel. There is still no information about the source of the attack, though speculation has been building on the internet and the media. No group or individual has yet claimed the attack.

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Reports suggest that Boston police found a third device in the area that had not gone off. Plans were in place to perform a controlled explosion on the third device. The airspace above the city has been ordered cleared and public transit systems have been suspended in order to reduce risk of further attack.

The existence of a third device provides evidence that this was in fact an attack on the people of Boston. Assuming reports of a third bomb are borne out by the facts, this was not an accident. Reports suggest that the first bomb went off in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel. Police in New York have stepped security up to high alert in order to prepare for a possible follow up attack in that city.

Because of chaos in the city it is difficult to get accurate information about the events. The only facts that can be established at this time are the following.  Two bombs went off in Boston this afternoon near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At least two people died as a result of the explosion and more than twenty people have been injured.

The attack appears to have been a planned and purposeful attack on the people of Boston. Because of the public nature of the attack, it fits with terrorist methods, though it is impossible to tell whether the source was domestic or foreign at this time.

As more information about the explosion in Boston is released we will update you. A video of one of the explosions is embedded below. The video is not for the faint of heart, viewer discretion is advised.

Watch live coverage of Boston explosions below, via New England Cable News:

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