A Value-Added Strategy for Mexican Private Equity

A Value-Added Strategy for Mexican Private Equity
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An interview with Roberto Charvel, Managing Partner atVander Capital

Private equity and venture capital in Mexico is becoming more and more interesting. The revenue numbers have become impressive so there are significant-sized opportunities now. There are deep US cross-border ties so the deal networks are there. And the deals are still off the radar for most US investors so it’s both an attractive and under-mined area. The interesting question is how to capture the opportunity.

A Value-Added Strategy for Mexican Private Equity

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With this in mind, we spoke with Roberto Charvel, founder and Managing Partner of Vander Capital Partners in Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico. Vander is a privately owned investment group that focuses on early stage equity financing. They have unique expertise in value added early stage deals, typically working in close collaboration with local entrepreneurs. We asked Roberto about his current strategy and deals (including Kubo Financiero) – and where he sees the opportunities in the coming years.

Jeff: How would you describe the approach of your group?

Roberto: We are an early-stage opportunity firm. Our focus is on three industries: real estate, mining and financial services. The first two of these are not traditionally thought of as venture capital areas in the developed world. But they are great non-traditional opportunities in emerging markets, especially in countries like Mexico.

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